Why I Created Dinah’s Crypto Chronicle for Women

I first discovered cryptocurrency about 10 years ago when I was running an e-commerce company and getting requests to be paid in this multi-billion dollar currency. 
I was fascinated by this new, exotic, but extremely exciting way to invest, so I thought, “Someday, I want to create “Dinah’s Crypto Chronicle”.

I was also frustrated that there were no female role models in this fast-growing industry. Like the financial and other industries globally, it was mostly male-dominated. There were just no female role models who spoke to me. No female investment icons to emulate. No powerful women who were leaders that I could relate to.

So that’s when I decided to focus my efforts on cultivating a culture of women who –– like me –– don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to make serious money in this industry.

Introducing “Dinah’s Crypto Chronicle”

That’s why I’m so proud to launch my website and this first blog to tell you about my crypto for women bulletins.

My complimentary Intro Account, as well as my Premium Account and Lifetime Account subscription-based newsletters are all uniquely targeted primarily to female investors who are interested in learning more about, investing in, as well as examining financial advisories about cryptocurrency.

My newsletters also provide specialized advice based upon a decade of crypto investing, plus research in a range of investments related to blockchain and other alternative investments related to blockchain.

My Crypto Investment Philosophy

Some people have a very aggressive cryptocurrency investing philosophy based on the law of averages –– the more you invest, the better your chances of succeeding. Others have a more careful approach, which is difficult to do in an industry where extreme volatility is the norm, not the exception.

However, my cryptocurrency philosophy is a blended approach of conservative investments which are balanced by low-risk investments in business, technology, and financial vehicles, my “women’s intuition” and others.

Over the last decade, this approach has been successful more times than not. And I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my subscribers in Dinah’s Crypto Chronicle. Sign Up for my Newsletter!

A Few Crypto Definitions

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Blockchain. Tokens. Entry. Spread. Short and Long. Buy The Dip.

What did these words mean? And how could anyone, especially a woman in her teens, determine how to invest successfully? In each blog, I’ll share a handful of explanations:

Cryptocurrency = The private, secure, or coded money used to make investments with unique, long, complicated and encrypted blocks of code for each person or item.

Bitcoin = “Bitcoin” is the software, technology, community, and protocol, as well as the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, while “bitcoin: is the primary unit of currency used in cryptocurrency. BTC and XBT are important crypto for women abbreviations.

Ethereum = A decentralized, open source blockchain that features smart contract functionality, and the second largest cryptocurrency platform in use by market capitalization after Bitcoin.

Blockchain = The universal public ledger of bitcoin transactions; think of it as your crypto bookkeeping log.

Satoshi = Named after the presume creator and so-called “Father of Bitcoin” in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, this is the smallest unit of Bitcoin; much smaller than the equivalent of a penny is U.S. coinage. A Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin or 1/10-8.


Watch my “Crypto in High Heels” YouTube Videos.

If you’re tired of watching funny cat videos and how to cook your favorite foods, I think you’ll enjoy subscribing to my new YouTube channel that I call “Crypto in High Heels”.

In each video that will be a companion Dinah’s Crypto Chronicle, I’ll share some great insights into investing in cryptocurrency, the latest news, advice culled from my decade of working with blockchain, and other interesting information that you can use –– all focused on women who want to invest in crypto, though I won’t exclude men !

But don’t be surprised if I offer some tips for standing out in the financial world, making a name for yourself among your colleagues, or other financial advice, especially for women who want to invest with confidence.