About Dinah Steen-Hansen

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, I’ve been a fundraiser, a regional sales manager, an advertising specialist, and an office manager. Now, as an entrepreneur, I’m fluent in Swedish, Norwegian, and English.


But my fascination for cryptocurrency first started about 10 years ago.


At the time, I was running a small e-commerce company and I began getting more and more questions about customers wanting to make payments using Bitcoin. Actually, I had no idea back then what it was, so I quickly started to educate myself on the subject. Also, a good friend in the same business introduced me to Bitcoin and showed me how I could accept payments with the token. Even then, I noticed that the demand for “paying anonymously” online was huge and I knew there and then that this was just the beginning for Bitcoin and crypto currencies.


My American Education

I moved to the San Francisco, California, in the U.S. to further my education. After earning an Associate’s Degree from Hult International Business School, ranked “Best in the West” by the Princeton Review as one of the Top 20 Best International Business Schools Bachelor’s Degree, I then received my Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from the esteemed Academy of Art University.

Then, I stumbled across cryptocurrencies again. Since I studied business and finance in school, it had always been an interest of mine.



The only thing holding me back was me thinking that investments and making money with crypto was not ever for me. A lot of that fear came from me just being a woman and not thinking that’s something women do.


Rising Through the Corporate Ranks

Later on, I started working for a company as a receptionist and I moved up quickly as an “Office Manager” and “Accountant” for a 40-person company without any experience in the field! I even performed Human Resources duties to interview new hires.

I was really unsure about the whole thing and I thought I could not learn a job like that without having any experience at all. But I proved myself wrong –– multiple times –– and I learned how to be an accountant all by myself, just learning from what others had done before me.

My boss was really impressed with the job that I was doing and that I learned so quickly. Why do I mention this? Because it was there and then I realized that you can learn anything that you put your mind to, that nothing is impossible, and that we are our own worst enemies sometimes.

This Happens Even More for Women

Thinking that some things are not for you is because we grew up with so many labels as kids and also in our adulthood that we think that that is all we are, and I think this happens even more to women.

When I started getting out of that old mindset I stumbled across bitcoin and cryptocurrencies again! For the third time.

This time, I thought to myself it’s now or never, so I started educating myself more and more and my fascination with bitcoin and alt coins grew even more! The more I knew the more fascinated I became.


That’s when I decided to invest in cryptocurrencies for the first time and I quickly understood that you don’t have to be a “big investor” or a “man in a suit” that works on Wall Street to invest and make a huge return with crypto.


About “Asymmetric Risk”

I’m very fascinated by this concept when it comes to crypto: “Asymmetric risk”, which means that you are risking very little and will produce a return that far surpasses the risk taken. And this concept can change the quality of your life greatly –– meaning that a small investor like myself can make a huge return from only investing as little as 200 dollars US.

This concept really excites me, and I could not have chosen a better time to get started with crypto because this concept will not last long. Soon it won’t be possible to invest in some cryptos at all if you are a small investor and make a huge return because I believe that the value of crypto currencies will grow tremendously in the future, so the time to invest is now!

Inspire More People and Specifically Women

For that reason, I want to inspire more people and specially women to notice this opportunity. I been through the doubt myself and especially as a woman, but I’m confident about the future of cryptocurrencies and it will be far greater than we think.

Sometimes it’s hard to do something that we are not familiar with and investing in cryptocurrency is probably a new concept for a lot of people and especially women.



It can be scary! Trust me, that’s how I felt, first of all starting to invest money for the first time but also in something that is very volatile. But the more I studied and got involved in crypto, the more my fear for investing in this disappeared.


The Right Thing to Do

I became more confident that this was the right thing to do and I also realized that things are not always what you think that they are. A lot of people can tell you things, but when you start to see the reality yourself, it’s easier to make decisions.

I want to be that person that leads these women that are in the same mindset that I use to be in. I want to lead the way and make them confident in investing and making money.


My newsletter will help them make the right investments and introduce them to crypto in a safe and honest space. I want to see these women succeed with crypto just like myself. I come from a truthful place and with no intentions of anything else.


Furthermore, I want to start a safe and kind community for women like myself, to make the best investments in cryptocurrency we can make, to show them, and to lead them from my own experience.

Where I Live

I am currently based in two cities, about 5,371 miles (8,644 km) miles apart.

First, I reside part-time in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to thousands of millionaires; tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Cisco, Intel, and Oracle; and birthplace of global financial institutions like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, and VISA.

Second, I also live part-time in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, enabling me with a European perspective on life and investing within the EU.